Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Rum Kitchen

Wing, Wings, Wings

So, I'm not sure why it's taken so long for me to establish my love for chicken wings but on my trip to The Rum Kitchen in Notting Hill, this penchant was well and truly solidified. Wings aside, this great little beach shack is a colourful explosion of rum, young and fun. At 10pm it turns into a members club so make sure you book a table earlier to soak up this cute little corner of the Caribbean.

Inside, colourful tiles and wooden panels surround the tables and delicious jerky chicken smells waft around the room.

We were led to our table between the bar and the window; a perfect positioning to watch out for the rest of our party and see our drinks being whisked up while we waited. Opposite us was this lovely little wall (although I can't guarantee with that 'niceness' is going to be added to my vocabulary any time soon)! 

At the bar, the magic was about to begin ... 

Here is what was created. An espresso martini (yes, the desert cocktail before the meal is a totally justified and acceptable choice)...

... And a coconutty, pineapple mix (perhaps more appropriate) but equally delicious.

And now for the food! The jerk chicken burger won the heart and stomach of Maddy.

While Lottie decided that the curry was more up her street.

My choice was obviously the chicken wings and oh was it a good one! They were the perfect combination of sweet, sticky and spicy.

While being incredibly messy, that was all part of the fun. Somehow my white top remained pristine which I think is an achievement in itself.

And then they were gone ...

A little bowl of plantain chips and dipping sauce completed a wonderfully tasty dinner and I'll definitely be returning for round two.

Finally, let's just a little moment to admire an action shot of Maddy and Lottie's impressive tan. Phwoaar! Over and out.

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  1. there is waaay too much chicken left on those wings, my friend


  2. Now i'm drooling all over my keyboard, This has been on my list for AGES but Notting Hill is too far west booo. East London girl through and through haha

  3. *Drool*... I've heard of the Rum Kitchen from numerous friends even though we live a good two hours from London!
    It looks mouthwatering, and well... Need I say more about the cocktails?!
    Loving this post :)
    Emily xx
    My Ginger Bread Journey

  4. Glad you enjoyed! The cocktails are gorgeous aren't they? I loved the fritters too. It wasn't as amazing as I'd hoped but it certainly had a nice atmosphere.

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline